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NAM Reading Club

This year, I want to push myself to read more and I’d like to invite others to join me. It’d be fun to have others to discuss things with!

Starting next week, I’m going to start reading Sword of Destiny. So this is your notice to go buy it and join me in reading!  Its from the comes after The Last Wish from the Witch fiction series and it follows the previous collection also in short stories. Last Wish is a quick read if you want to jump into that first (or here is short summaries, but this is way less enjoyable).  See you next week!

For this week: 20180429_200452-11 Page at a Time

I’d love to recommend this fun journal. Each page offers a simple prompt. Sometimes it encourages you to doodle, write or expand of things going on in your life.

You are supposed to use it daily and so far, I’ve found it a nice way to decompress from the day and exert a small piece of creativity I might not else squeezed in.20180429_20052820180429_200542I’ve been drawing in different nearby objects from each time I use it.prompt

This was the last time I used it. I was in a pessimistic mood, so I’m going to try again. I think the future is looking bright.

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9 Month Break

Hi its Meg! Life got crazy and busy between me and Neysa and we took a step back. I’ll leave room for her to write her own story later, but I am ready to get back in the grove of things. So how are you doing?

I’m doing well. I’m recently engaged (I’ll tell you all about it in a future post!) and me and my lovely partner have trying to conceive. Work has been stressful. I’m trying to fight to improve my teams performance while grow it, which has been challenging. I’m trying to figure out how much pressure you apply to improve others ability to creatively problem solve road blocks while holding them accountable for failures without crushing morale.

So where is this blog going? How do I sort all my thoughts on weddings, fertility, slice of life, cooking, traveling and work? I don’t want to limit the scope of musings. So buckle in, I’m aspiring for daily blogs about all kinds of things. If you want some of a certain something, please leave comments!

Lets start this come back simple with a product review.

31172326_10155652601888651_2074345139542687744_n For Christmas, we received a Storm Trooper waffle maker with a box of Snoqualmie Falls Lodge pancake and waffle mix. Its a brand you can get in the Pacific North West grocery stores ($3.57 a 24oz box) or in bulk on Amazon ($20 a 5lb bag).

I’m not a pancake person (team waffles all the way), but my household loves pancakes with this mix!! All you have to add in water. I strongly recommend giving it a go for easy and delicious weekend breakfasts.


My friend Callie, who is “the hostess with the mostest” personified, taught me a long time ago that if you scramble you eggs into the remaining pancake batter they will be fluffier and a touch sweeter. Since she was normally making meals for 5+ hungover adult, and her breakfasts were top notch, I carry this habit with me ever since.pancakes



Pancake and Eggs with Coffee 1.50 per person


Enjoy your Sunday!


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What I’ve been drinking – The Fruity Edition!

One of the few pleasures I really indulge in is my coffee and nightcaps. I have subscriptions to Driftaway coffee and Winc. I also indulge in drinking sour beer and making cocktails. Periodically, I can’t help myself and will want to blog about all the exciting things I’ve been imbibing.



Firstly – Summer means watermelon spiked with vodka. So I’ve ice cream scooped watermelon into a jar to soak in 1/2 cup lime juice, a sprig of mint and filled to the top line of scooped watermelon with vodka. After a few hours of soaking in the flavors, I blended it up. It was pretty dang refreshing.







Schilling Hard Cider Mischief Maker Pomegranate was on sale and although cider is usually too sweet I figured I’d give it a go. I didn’t actually like it by itself, but mixed with equal parts sprite and assisted by watermelon balls soaked in vodka, A+++.








Something I’d recommend without altering is 10 Barrel’s Raspberry Crush. I’m already a fan of their Cucumber Sour – so please try that as well! But this is a new to me flavor!











Last but not least – if you aren’t feeling too adventurous, but want a fruity beer to relax in the back yard with, the easiest to find Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is my recommendation. The fruit pebbles of beer. Its easy to drink and refreshing! 


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Smore Appreciation Day

Apparently Aug 10th was Smores appreciation day. I wasn’t aware because I celebrate almost daily. My fave fake smore is toast spread with nutella and a marshmellow smooshed in between.


For my birthday, my beloved got me a safe to make at home smore kit.

It makes marshmellows puff up by blowing hot air on them. Its a weird little beast that doesn’t burn them – it just gives them a golden color. I personally like my marshmellows charcoal.


If you are throwing a dinner party and making smores seems a bit messy – may I recommend the Jello Creations Smore Dessert Kit. I think its a great themed treat that is super simple to make!

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Pokerose – Greatball


So its been a while since I’ve offered these for sale through 8BitHealey. I’ll be honest, I’m hoping to come up with a tutorial on how to make these to avoid having an monopoly on such a simple craft project. They are too time consuming for me to want this to be a staple of the business sales – but I also don’t want to disappoint anybody.

We will sell them $15/flower. Greatball rose style has red velvet markings added to the fake flower bud. Message me to get exact shipping or click the link to use USPS priority mail prepaid box for $5in the US.


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Betty Crocker Blackberry Cobbler

DSC06798So I’m hoping this counts under the Make Do and Mend challenge because I want an excuse to talk about my love of blackberries!

I’m super lucky because I have bushes behind my apartment so for at least the next month, I have access to free fruit! Last weekend, we brought strawberry shortcake for our friends birthday.

With left over sugared berries, I grabbed more from the backyard and set out to make a free dessert. I have all the ingredients already in the kitchen, so let’s make do!

I used the Betty Crocker Blackberry Cobbler recipe. All you need is:DSC06799

  • 2 1/2 cups fresh or frozen (thawed and drained) blackberries 
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour 
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted 

I don’t know why, but the fact that this recipe specifies to definitely not use blueberries makes me laugh. If you are a rebel and try – let me know what happens!! Adding strawberries was no issue.

DSC06800Anyway, follow the instructions. The recipe is simple and delicious. It takes about an hour and half to mix them all together and bake. It says 8 servings, but lets me honest – we only cut it into 4. Capture







That would mean more like 500 cal. and we topped it with ice cream and whip cream – so we were totally indulgent. 

Taste great but not the healthiest.



This is a blog inspired by our Make do and Mend Challenge. To see all the projects, click here.