Neysa and Megan

Screenshot_2017-04-01-15-36-56Hi Crafty People

My name is Neysa and as of right now I am a newlywed. Oh yes since September 2016 my husband J and I have been basking in that warm happy cloud of newlywed bliss. J and I have been together for 4 ½ years, he’s my love, my best friend, my companion in life and my knight in shining armour. So what’s our next step you maybe wondering (or maybe not, thats ok) well our next step is making babies!

We want 2 healthy happy chubby bouncing babies, boy and girl, two boys or two girls it doesn’t matter as long as they are happy and healthy. I want to share my journey to making  sure my body is healthy so that our babies have the best chance to grow and develop. J comes from a big family; 7 sisters a fun loving mesh of biological, step and half sisters. And I have a younger brother who despite our 7 year age difference, we couldn’t be closer. Either way no matter the amount of people, we both come from loving and supportive families, and we can’t wait to add to the happy crazy bunch!

But that’s not all…What else am I passionate about? Crafting! I love to craft, sew, paint and crochet. I want to learn it all and do it all. With my best pal Megan, I plan to craft until my heart’s content, my fingers are tired and my eyes are red and sleepy. So read along, craft with us and see what happens. I’ll share the good, the bad and the crafty.


So, here I am. When I was 20 years old, I looked adoringly at an older coworker hitting her Big Three-Oh and said something along the lines of, “I can’t wait to be your age and have everything set in my life.” Over a decade later, life’s reinforced how hilariously wrong my thinking was. Maybe, it wasn’t wrong – but definitely off. I stumbled through my 20s – trying out different jobs, boyfriends and cities, hoping I’d get the right combination and see the bigger picture. I’d never felt that cosmic click of everything aligning, so I just assumed work would suck, relationships were hard, and my hometown was a perfectly fine place to settle. I wasn’t doing it right and it took moving 2852 miles, learning a new trade and meeting the most amazing man to see that my whole life was just building up to this moment. If I have not worked that last job, or dated my last love, or given myself up to the flow of the universe when I took that chance relocating to the PNW – I would not have my happy little life.

I’m a craft enthusiast, who loves nerdy themed DIY projects, 8bit quilting, watercolor painting, and I aspire to be better at garment making. I have a trusty dog, who has been my companion for the past 9 years and is lazy in his old age. I have a solid relationship with my boyfriend of a year, who I just moved in with. My hobbies also include cooking cheap or clean meal planning, exercise, spending time in nature, drinking coffee and sour beers, and finding meditation where I can. I’m a workaholic and frugal. I suffer from anxieties and antisocial quirks. With a handful of self awareness, I am both successful and struggling in this current existence. This year, I rang in my 32nd year and am enjoying building a new homestead, making up craft tutorials and products to sell, become more fit and find a balance of saving money and enjoying life. Oh! And my name in Megan!

Neysa has been my closest and most motivating friend since I moved. She inspires me and I’m so lucky to have her as a craft partner. I really hope that through our own banter and projects, downfalls and successes – we can share what we learn and become a powerhouse duo for each other and you the reader!