Tarot Meditation


As I’ve mentioned, I like using tarot cards to focus my thoughts and reflect. I’ve been kinda weepy since my period started and this week has been very stressful at work, so some internal searching was needed.

Whats my cuqocrrent status? The Queen of Cups reversed suggests some dissatisfaction or feeling of disconnection from your spirituality that has arisen in your life. This may be as simple as a growing realization that you need to find your path and get more involved on a meaningful level with others in your faith.


Whats going on with my fertility? The Six of Swords reversed indicates that you are trying your best to move on from the past and make the important transition that you know you need to make. You are trying to physically and mentally move from any past experiences which you know that have not been helping you. It is clear that you are experiencing some challenges in doing this and no matter how hard you try to leave the past behind you, it keeps catching up with you.

kowSo what’s next? The Knight of Wands reversed indicates delays and frustration, getting nowhere, and feeling anger at obstacles and at being denied what you want to have. If you are starting to get frustrated with a lack of action, you need to consider the consequences before doing something. You may also find yourself feeling frustrated that there are certain factors impacting your situation that you feel you cannot control. Again, remind yourself that there WILL be things that you can control and change as you want to.

I think this gives me some stuff to think about. I want to develop a regular exercise routine and mediation habit to help reduce my stress and center me. I’ve been carrying the tightness in my shoulders and not sleeping well. 

IF you are curious about my tarot deck, its the Erotic Tarot of Manara Cards. Check it out!

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