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NAM Reading Club

This year, I want to push myself to read more and I’d like to invite others to join me. It’d be fun to have others to discuss things with!

Starting next week, I’m going to start reading Sword of Destiny. So this is your notice to go buy it and join me in reading!  Its from the comes after The Last Wish from the Witch fiction series and it follows the previous collection also in short stories. Last Wish is a quick read if you want to jump into that first (or here is short summaries, but this is way less enjoyable).  See you next week!

For this week: 20180429_200452-11 Page at a Time

I’d love to recommend this fun journal. Each page offers a simple prompt. Sometimes it encourages you to doodle, write or expand of things going on in your life.

You are supposed to use it daily and so far, I’ve found it a nice way to decompress from the day and exert a small piece of creativity I might not else squeezed in.20180429_20052820180429_200542I’ve been drawing in different nearby objects from each time I use it.prompt

This was the last time I used it. I was in a pessimistic mood, so I’m going to try again. I think the future is looking bright.

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