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Lunch Recipes

I try to cook one tasty meal a week that I can divvy up across 5 days as either the main course or a supportive role to my packed lunch. This week, I got a flyer from Fred Meyer advertising a bunch of meals with pineapple! As the weather gets warmer, I find myself feeling adverse to warm foods, so a fresh salsa with pita bread sounded great!

Pineapple Corn Salsa Recipe Link


Really simple recipe can be thrown together in under 10 min. Using 1 can chopped pineapple, 1 can corn, 1/2 bunch of cilantro, 1 jalapeno, 1 red bell pepper and 1 small tomato with the spices, walla!

Homemade Pita Bread


Since I got a bread maker for Christmas I’ve been really expanding my repertoire of carbs I can make. Pita bread was one of those attempts that really wowed me with how easy (and tasty) it is. You can premake the dough and chop into pita sized portions so you can whip up fresh a pita or two the day you plan to eat it! Great for snacking and meals alike. ❤


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