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9 Month Break

Hi its Meg! Life got crazy and busy between me and Neysa and we took a step back. I’ll leave room for her to write her own story later, but I am ready to get back in the grove of things. So how are you doing?

I’m doing well. I’m recently engaged (I’ll tell you all about it in a future post!) and me and my lovely partner have trying to conceive. Work has been stressful. I’m trying to fight to improve my teams performance while grow it, which has been challenging. I’m trying to figure out how much pressure you apply to improve others ability to creatively problem solve road blocks while holding them accountable for failures without crushing morale.

So where is this blog going? How do I sort all my thoughts on weddings, fertility, slice of life, cooking, traveling and work? I don’t want to limit the scope of musings. So buckle in, I’m aspiring for daily blogs about all kinds of things. If you want some of a certain something, please leave comments!

Lets start this come back simple with a product review.

31172326_10155652601888651_2074345139542687744_n For Christmas, we received a Storm Trooper waffle maker with a box of Snoqualmie Falls Lodge pancake and waffle mix. Its a brand you can get in the Pacific North West grocery stores ($3.57 a 24oz box) or in bulk on Amazon ($20 a 5lb bag).

I’m not a pancake person (team waffles all the way), but my household loves pancakes with this mix!! All you have to add in water. I strongly recommend giving it a go for easy and delicious weekend breakfasts.


My friend Callie, who is “the hostess with the mostest” personified, taught me a long time ago that if you scramble you eggs into the remaining pancake batter they will be fluffier and a touch sweeter. Since she was normally making meals for 5+ hungover adult, and her breakfasts were top notch, I carry this habit with me ever since.pancakes



Pancake and Eggs with Coffee 1.50 per person


Enjoy your Sunday!


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