Cardboard Deer Head

This weekend project idea was brought to you by the bargain bin at Joanns! You can get the same kit on Amazon for $30 – so maybe check your local craft store for some deals before buying online! I would definitely recommend this as a fast weekend project if you plan on putting it together as plain cardboard. Its pretty attractive as is, slides into place easy and is matching numbers so not hard to figure out.

The original idea was to give to our parents as an RV decor job present for Father’s Day, but they politely turned us down. My beloved deer head mount stayed above our own fire place until we saved up enough to get the TV for our new living room. From there, the idea sprang that I would use spoonflower peel and stick wallpaper to cover all the panels and give it a glamorized reboot.

So I had a touch of the Rajkumari by Peacoquette Designs and also a whole roll of Coral Jubilee by Ivie Cloth Co. To mimic my results, you will need at least 5 ft of wallpaper. I was careful to arrange the pieces as close as possible to not waste. It you want to do two patterns as I did, 4 feet of the main color and 1 ft of the other should be adequate. It’ll run you about $37.50 + shipping.

I would unroll a small portion of the peel and stick wallpaper and lay the deer cardboard pieces down on top. Using an exacto knife and scissors Since you are covering up the numbers printed on the pieces – you will need to keep everything extra organized or assembly will be a challenge. I covered each piece, top and bottom, and put the deer head together piece by piece. It took me a whole Saturday while watching TV. I’m quite pleased with the results.

Neysa also has her own and she was going to paint hers. I’m excited to one day see what she comes up with!



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