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Simple Table Cloth

So since me and the boyfriend moved in together, we’ve been piecing together a household. We haven’t bought a table yet, but own a card table and folding chairs for puzzels, camping and the game night we haven’t hosted yet but aspire to in the future!

We finally made plans to have a couple over for dinner, so I scrambled to make our aged card table not so rough. All I needed was 2 yards of fabric (1 of each with two colors). I cut the top color to be that same dimensions of the table and then cut the second yard of fabric into 5 strips (about 7 inches thick – then sewn edge to edge) to make the overhang boarder. The remaining fabric I tied into a bow in the back corner of the table. I single stitched the white fabric to the boarder and then hemmed the bottom for a clean apprearance.

Throw some place mats and cloth napkin on top with a bouquet of flowers and you almost forget you don’t own a real table!


This is a blog inspired by our Make do and Mend Challenge. To see all the projects, click here.

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