Trello for digital organization and Amazon boxes to declutter your life

I think a huge part of the Make Do and Mend challenge is to push me and Neysa to not waste so much or jump to spending money as the first responce. We have craft rooms full of hoarded supplies. I’m sure you out there do as well. Its our unfinished projects that have worn down our motivation that pile up. We both compiled todo lists and assigned points. We joked that whoever earned hte most points would earn a bubble tea or sandwhich paid by the other. Haha.. I think Neysa is winning…

We use Trello to actually sort and coordinate business ideas. If you need an online to do list app, we strongly encourage you to try it!

So as we try to finish and clear out old projects, I think another great way to simplify what you have but don’t need (if you can’t repurpose it!) is to donate so someone else can put it to use instead of collecting dust at your house.

Amazon has partnered up with Give Back Box® to allow you to fill up your boxes after getting a shipment (who isn’t guilty of amazon Prime shopping?) with usable clothing, accessories and household goods. You print a label from and off your box goes to the nearest charity! Read about it more here.

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