Wedding Momento Greenhouse box


My wedding memento greenhouse holds just snapshots of my special day. The pillow I made for the ring bearer in our wedding colors of cornflower blue, black, white and silver. My lace garter that says Mrs. The boutonierre I made for my husband out of fake flowers. A bottle opener antique key that was a favor for our guests. Two elephants with their trunks up for good luck. And of course my bouquet!
I love my bouquet and its story…
I love flowers but watching them wilt and die makes me sad. So when brooch bouquets became a thing I knew I wanted one. I asked all the special ladies in my life. My friends, future sisters in law, my mother, mothers in law and grandmothers to give me a brooch to represent them. So that a piece of them would walk down the aisle with me. I will always have this special treasure and the female bond and love it represents.

Here is a link to the Amazon listing of the greenhouse box and the base bouquet.


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