Craft Room Window Furnishing

The month of July’s goal was to clean up my spare room and turn it from a half messy craft room half box and stuff collection room, into a nice peaceful usable room. So I started with the window. The room is normally a little dark and for some reason when we moved in I bought red black out curtains. So I made new curtains and moved my antique side board in front and presto!!


A lovely window area. The new curtains are a light blue with chapters and drawings from the original Alice and Wonderland book! Thank you Megan and Spoonflower!

I’m so glad you used that old fabric of mine!! I was originally going to make a dress out of the cotton poplin, but never wanted to cut into it! I love the sheer white fabric behind it. I think you are on the right patch to freshen up your craft room with the light blue!

On the side board in the small greenhouse is a display of items from our wedding including my brooch bouquet and a shadow box filled with mementos of things my husband and I have done together! 💓💓

I’ve already put in the request for Neysa to show the momento green house in another post! Stay Tuned!


This is a blog inspired by our Make do and Mend Challenge. To see all the projects, click here.

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