Bulbasaur Pin Coushin Treasure Box


Neysa always thrills me with her creative projects. When she started off making these Pokemon Treasure boxes, I had no idea we’d brain storm off into making these with certain purposes in mind. (Like the Chansey box being for first aid kits!) Anyway, we both are working on our ability to make cute pin cushions for future products, but she upped her game and put it on top of the Bulbasaur treasure box as his bulb!

It was so cute, I jumped to action and made some pokeball sewing pins to stick in it! More on how to make these or buy them in the coming days!!


We hope this 4.5 inch wide x 3 inch tall circular box speaks to the sewing enthusiast that can keep needles and small sewing needles on the inside and pins on the outside! This hand painted treasure box is $16+ Shipping.

If you are interested – please contact us at our email with your shipping address so we can quote you the cheapest shipping price! Or use the $12 prepaid USPS priority mail box.

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