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Ikea table upgrade

As part of our Make do and Mend Challenge, I wanted to show an Ikea table I’ve fancied up with some wallpaper I have laying around. (Don’t mind the mess under the table! What is a sewing room without a little mess?)


Buy one here! I recommend it for the price and versitility. I’ve used it for a computer desk/sewing-craft table. But I also had it set up for a his and her sided computer desk and a window facing dining table.

The wallpaper is peel and stick from Spoonflower! I would recommend selecting Custom roll and buying 8 feet from this specific table. Click here for the Rajkumari design by Peacoquette Designs.

I know, its a little cheating to have leftover (and pretty expensive) wallpaper laying around for a “free” recycling project.

Spoonflower’s peel and stick wallpaper is really easy to use. I just cleared my table off and made sure it was wiped clean. You peel the backing off and apply it to the table’s surface. If it’s not lined up parallel with the table – you can pull it back up and reapply without affecting the integrity of the wallpapers stick. The table is not 2 feet wide so you will need to trim the over hang from the back. If I get tired of the busy design, it is easy to remove as well and does not leave a sticky residue.

Like my desk? Follow the links (1) (2) and buy the supplies for a upgraded table under $120 (Plus taxes and shipping!). You will also need sissors for trimming the wallpaper from the table after applying it.


This is a blog inspired by our Make do and Mend Challenge. To see all the projects, click here.

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