Make do and Mend Challenge

Neysa’s Make Do and Mend Challenge,
19399186_229794120860866_5837874853668242524_nIn the 1940s during WWII people were encouraged to fix and reuse anything and everything. If you had an old sweater that didn’t fit anyone or was holey then you were suppose to unravel it and use the yarn to knit a new sweater. Patch your garments and keep wearing them, turn leftover pot roast and vegetables into stew for tomorrows dinner.
So in the spirit of Make Do and Mend, NandM Creates is having a Make Do and Mend Challenge.
Join us and post pictures of your Make Do and Mend Projects tell us your project stories and post pictures to share!.
1. No buying new craft materials
2. Finish the project and use it or wear it or eat it!

Feeling inspired? We actively encourage you guys to leave comments of what projects you are setting off to do? Follow the links below of our finished themed projects.



Neysa’s Kitchen Curtains

wp-image-15091421.jpg    Megan’s Work Table

19598716_237054793468132_3918453823365797453_n     Neysa’s Craft Room Curtains

dsc06801.jpg      Free Summer Berry Cobbler

wp-image-835057791.jpg     Simple Table Cloth

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